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2015 Mallorca Residential School

This six week school culminates in five nights of observing in Mallorca and following the huge success of the 2014 school the dates of the 2015 school have now been released. For more information see the Mallorca Pages of this site.

Data_Sea v2.0

Data_Sea v2.0 Arts-Science Project

Astronomy Tuition has been working with world-renowned artist Michael Takeo Magruder on a digital artwork exploring the relationship between broadcast media and astronomy. The piece had the honour of being one of the primary installations at the V&D Digital Design Weekend in 2013 and also appeared at the Electronic Visualisation and the Arts event in 2014.

Data_Sea v2.0, by Michael Takeo Magruder with Drew Baker, Johanna Jarvis & David Steele, 2013. © Takeo 2013. Supported by Discovery Dome Europe and the Department of Digital Humanities, King's College London.
Online Astronomy Society Academy

2015/16 GCSE Astronomy course

Astronomy Tuition is once again working with the Online Astronomy Society Academy to deliver the EdExcel GCSE Astronomy course to students around the world via an online learning portal. See the Courses Pages on this website for more information.