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Client Feedback

"For the last 2 years St. Bede's Catholic Middle School has invited Johanna Jarvis to host our stargazing evening for students, parents and governors. Johanna's enthusiasm for the subject and her expert knowledge has meant that both events have been highly successful, entertaining and stimulating. The Head is now keen on this becoming a permanent fixture in the school calendar."
Head of Science. St Bede's Catholic Middle School.

"At Bidford-on-Avon Primary School, we have introduced a programme of family learning nights, to provide opportunities for learning beyond the classroom. We have welcomed Dr Johanna Jarvis back twice now, with resounding success. Dr Johanna Jarvis presented a fascinating and interactive lecture on galaxies to pupils from year 2 to year 6. It was late on a Friday afternoon, yet the pupils (and staff) were spellbound. The presentation was interactive with everyone up on their feet acting out the different galaxies, with one teacher selected to be the black hole at the centre! One enthusiastic year 5 pupil said afterwards, "I have to be a rocket scientist - science is awesome". The lecture was followed later the same evening by an amazing two-hour observation session. After an introductory tour of the night sky, families and staff were led onto the playground to witness a clear and brilliant array of astronomical wonders - including shooting stars and the International Space Station!"
Science Co-ordinator & Ogden Trust Teacher Fellow, Bidford-on-Avon Primary School

"Many thanks for your fun, enthusiastic and lively talk on 'Cosmic Cities' on Monday. We all enjoyed it thoroughly. Feedback at the pub was extremely positive. It was accessible to the new 'kids' on the block, and informative for us 'old lags'. Loved the animations!"
Chairman, Astronomy Section of the Northamptonshire Natural History Society